Oct 23, 2008

Frankie Halloween Box

OK, I think my Frankenstein box/treat bag turned out kind of wierd. He does not look at all like the ones I cased on splitcoast! Funny! I think he looks wierd because I used googlie eyes instead of punches and I shaded the eyelids and nose too much. His hair looks wierd too. Anyhows, it was my first one, so I should be excused!

Here are links to some really great ones: Click here. And here for different ones.

And here is a video tutorial by Angie Kennedy Juda, on her blog: CLICK HERE

(All the items I used are the same as found on Angie's video.)

paper: Kiwi kiss, black, white
Access: wire, hole punch, black marker, sticky strip, googlie eyes, pop-ups.

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