May 7, 2008

Chigiri-e Birdies RAK

I received this beautiful Chigiri-e card from Marg O, a member of *Oriental Stamp Art* a couple days ago! Marg was in a chigiri-e swap and I was so fortunate to receive this extra card. There are a few other amazing stamping techniques used on this card, it's so COOL. The branches have been heat embossed and colored in with metallic ink and the birds' claws, beaks and eyes have been drawn with 3-D paint. The trees in the bg are metallic gold and the moon shimmers and is pearly. The entire card has been edged with gold too, it's just so pretty! And then there's the birds themselves - I've never done chigiri-e before, but it's little pieces of paper that are torn and glued together into shapes to form a picture, it's very delicate and pretty, you have to see it in real life. Thank you Marg!

May 6, 2008

We have a winner, it's comment #10, Paper Makeup!!!

HI ladies!!!

We have a winner this morning, it's comment #10, Paper Makeup aka Katie Shawger!! Congratulations Katie!!!! I'll email you in just a sec -- since I know you from the bellaholics yahoo group I have your email address already!

Thanks everyone for playing, this was so much fun, I think I'll have another blog giveaway later this month so stay tuned!!!

--I also had tons of fun with playing with the random number picker. I went to a few different sites but most of them were too complicated and scientific -- I finally came across one called *The Random Number Picker* - it's fun and simple, give it a try! You just enter the total number of players in the box and hit the *enter* key on your keyboard!

May 4, 2008

Humongous Bella Rak!!!

Look at the rak I got from my friend Bere Rabago, Mexico's next most famous designer pastry chef of all time! I got a stamped image of almost every single Bella, plus some Fellas and other Stamping Bella images. All I could do was just stare at first and then I stacked them up and flipped thru them over and over again, and then I finally put them in huge photo album in alphabetical order, lol!!! How's that for rubber stamping dorkiness? Bere also sent me a Bubu Lubu candy bar, oh yummy!

Stamped images of almost ALL the Stamping Bella images, some Fella images and a few other Bella images! I'm afraid to use them!

Bubu Lubu candy bar - marshmellow, chocolate and fruit filling! Yummmmmmmmmmmm!

My friend Bere is a designer pastry chef in Mexico City, Mexico and makes beautiful cakes. Here is photo I snagged from her website *Cup a Cake*. Isn't this beautiful?

Bere is also an avid rubber stamper and is so generous with sharing her talent and supplies. We share a passion for *Stamping Bella* images and met on the *Bellaholicsanonymous* Yahoo Group, lol!!!!

May 3, 2008

Blog Candy PIF (Pay it Forward!)

Ok everyone, I'm doing my first ever blog candy giveaway!!! It's actually a PIF (Pay it Forward) giveaway, promised after entering Shawn Price's blog candy giveaway to keep the PIF chain going. So, whoever wins this must keep the PIF going by having a little blog giveaway on their blog! This chain hasn't been broken yet - I don't know where it started but it's been going for a while, so please don't break it.

The winner will receive a handmade card using *Dogwalkabella* from Stamping Bella, 4 rolls of JoAnn's ribbon, a sheet of sparkle gel stickers by Cloud 9 and a box of Mini Charleston Chews! I will also throw in a few stamped images of *chefabella* and *javabellas*.

Please leave a comment by Monday, May 5th midnite PST and I'll use the random # generator site to pick the winner on Tuesday morning! Important: Since I'm new to this and am not sure how to contact the winner, could everyone please leave their email along with their comment in a form like this (so you won't get junk mail): kelly746 at yahoo dot com. I will also announce the winner here if you want to check back. Good luck everyone!