Mar 18, 2008

Sidelines & Sideshow, um....

OK, so here I am with my sideline (actually, to be more accurate, my stampin' up *aunt*) Stefanie! She's my upline's upline's downline (my upline Brenda's sideline). It was my first time meeting her in person although we had previously emailed and even swapped stuff in the past. Friday didn't have nearly as many attendees as Saturday so everyone was spread out. The two of us had a table all to ourselves! We did a lot of good swapping too!

And of course, the highlight of our day was Jaron Winder!!!! It wouldn't be a real Stampin' Up event without Jaron. No, he's not a sideshow freak but he certainly loves to attract attention, laughs, and heckles as if he were! He kept the jokes coming and had us laughing and laughing! At him, or with him (I couldn't tell at times!), but he certainly kept us entertained!

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